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Welcome to the Q&A category, your ultimate resource for all things chemicals! Our extensive collection of common questions and answers is designed to satisfy your curiosity and provide valuable insights into the world of chemistry. Whether you’re a student seeking clarification, a researcher exploring new frontiers, or a hobbyist eager to expand your chemical knowledge, this category has got you covered.

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Is ice cream acidic

Is ice cream acidic ?

Ice cream generally tends to be slightly acidic. The acidity of ice cream can vary depending on the specific recipe, flavorings, and manufacturing processes involved. Here are a few factors to consider regarding the acidity of ice cream: It’s important to note that the acidity of ice cream is generally mild and unlikely to cause …

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Mango Juice Acidic

Is Mango Juice Acidic?

Mango juice is a popular tropical beverage enjoyed by many for its refreshing taste and vibrant flavor. When considering the acidity of mango juice, it’s essential to examine the natural properties of mangoes and the processing methods used to create the juice. In this article, we will explore mango juice is acidic or not and …

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Is Squash Acidic

Is Squash Acidic?

Squash, known for its vibrant colors and delicious flavor, is a versatile vegetable that can be prepared in various ways. But have you ever wondered whether squash is acidic or alkaline? In this article, we will explore the acidity levels of different types of squash and their potential impact on health. To determine the acidity …

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